Office of Postdoctoral Affairs

Columbia University

Jan/Feb 2011 Newsletter

Volume 4, Issue 1,† Jan/Feb 2011

Upcoming OPA Events...Text Box: The two day writing workshop will focus on:
The central role of rhetorical positioning in the development of a clear, interesting, and rigorous research paper
Analyzing a paperís general structure with specific focus given to the significance of narrowing the problem space within the introduction section as well as the important concepts of strength of claim in the reporting of data, genre, reader-oriented writing, precision, and tone
Discuss about the kind of writing that best develops fluency for composing, as well as strategies useful for redrafting and editing

Text Box: Join your fellow postdocs for a day of skiing/snowboarding at Hunter Mountain!  Transportation to the mountain and back to campus is sponsored by OPA. Group rates  are available for lift tickets and ski rentals.

**Space on the bus is limited, so sign up ASAP! 
Text Box: After all that hard work at the bench, new principal investigators soon learn that they will need to manage their labs well not just with technical expertise, but also with skills such as time management, communication ease, and political savvy. Come learn the expectations for a principal investigator- and how you can prepare as a postdoc for academic and nonacademic careers. 
Writing Research 
Papers for Publication
February 16 &17

Please view our Calendar of Events for more details and to register for the following events.

Annual Postdoc Ski Trip - Saturday, February 26Making your Postdoc Matter
with Dr. Kathy Barker on March 3